Part crime caper and part love story for the ages, with a delightful sprinkling of some fantastic musical numbers, the cast play out the story aided by one of the most hi-tech productions in the world of theatre. The songs themselves are a mix of deep and moving ballads (Unchained Melody in particular) and upbeat numbers that would even get the dead dancing!

The otherworldly tale follows a loving young couple who are struck by tragedy when Carl is killed in a tussle with a mugger. Though physically dead, the spirit of Carl is stuck in the world of the living and yearns to communicate with the live of his life Molly. This becomes even more urgent after he finds out that she might be in grave danger from the same man who took his life. What’s more, there’s also a dodgy financial case he was working on before he died which needs solving. With the help of psychic/professional chancer Oda Mae, he finds a way to talk to his beloved though only after a lot of initial scepticism.

He manages to warn her of the danger and things seem to be looking up at last. Oda Mae however is hiding a few secrets of her own and as the jumble unfolds the audience is taken on a rollercoaster of intrigue and dynamic musical numbers! This is of course punctuated by everyone’s favourite spooky-yet-romantic pottery scene, which gives hope to anyone who’s tired of all those boring relationships with living people.

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