The story is introduced by the Narrator in proper scary movie style, with newly engaged Brad and Janet suffering a burst tyre in the middle of a hellish thunderstorm. Desperate for shelter they are forced to seek help over at the not-at-all-ominous sounding Frankenstein Place. With the surroundings quite freaky and allusions to a murder within their first few minutes the couple are then confronted with the explosive “Time Warp”. The classic tune in all its wild and pelvic thrusting glory took the world by storm on its first release with its distinctive dance!

Understandably our Brad and Janet are shocked and try to leave but are convinced to stay by the enigmatic, but slightly wild, Dr. Frank N. Furter. They follow him (while being stripped of their clothes naturally!) to his laboratory where he is about to reveal his awesome new experiment. Then there he is, Rocky, in all his semi-naked muscly glory, singing his heart out about the travails of identity crisis for a “created” man. The sexual energy is ramped up a notch more as the Doctor launches into an ode to well-built men before the audience is stunned by a lurking zombie and his gruesome second death.

The fun is only just beginning however as the play follows the Doctor’s devious bed-hopping, some brief reflection into the power of monogamy versus the passion of physical desire, more deaths, an uprising, another illicit affair and a big bang of a send-off. Needless to say everyone in the audience and left on stage is in a state of breathless shock at the maelstrom of song, lights and writhing bodies that they have just witnessed.

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