With the commemoration celebrations that are happening throughout the month, from the Easter weekend celebrations up to the actual centenary anniversary on the 24-29 April many Irish people are taking the opportunity to return home to partake in the memorable occasion. Of course when one speaks of Irish people the phrase also extends to the millions of Irish whose parents, grandparents or other antecedents may have left these shores long ago but who have never forgotten the story of the Easter Rising and what it meant to the country.

With the exhibitions, re-enactments, tours of the important sites of the rebellion and the large influx of people from home and abroad coming to Dublin for the events it promises to be a great time to visit the city. Whether it is one of your first trips to Ireland and you plan on a deep exploration of everything the capital city has to offer, or a short trip to experience the centenary atmosphere and pay respects to the memory of the fallen, picking the right place to stay can make all the difference to your stay.
Places and events to take in:

  • Kilmainham Gaol – one of Dublin’s top attractions and the site of execution of 14 Rising leaders
  • GPO – headquarters of the rebels and now hosting a large exhibition exploring the real stories of the people of the rebellion
  • Collins’ Barracks – huge 15,000 piece exhibition on the Rising, including the original Proclamation, the flag that hung over the GPO and many personal items
  • Glasnevin Cemetery – A Revolutionary Tour guides one through the history and resting places of the men and women of 1916

Especially now that spring is beginning to blossom some of the most beautiful sights in the city become not just the historical ones of great human intervention and sacrifice but also the more reflective walks through the leafy suburbs and glorious parks just on the outskirts of the city centre.

At the luxury self-catering apartments offered at Your Home From Home one can really see the absolute best of Dublin and April is the perfect month to take in a trip to the city. With so much going on and lots to see and do who wouldn’t want to have their own delightful piece of home to return to at the end of every long day (and night!). To truly immerse oneself in the beating heart of this city one should feel at home, living and breathing the same storied air as the many heroes and anti-heroes, poets and artists of the magical city of Dublin.

Get ready for a wonderful adventure!