But as ever, all is not as it seems. Holly hides a startling depth and, along with being caught up in shady schemes with incarcerated gangsters, is also planning big things away from her high society lifestyle. Seemingly living right on the edge between selling herself and using those who wish to buy her, Holly is a deep and complicated character behind the façade of a whimsical society girl. With many an outspoken viewpoint and an ability to surprise and perplex in equal measure, Holly is untameable, which drives everyone around her crazy. Not least the young, wannabe writer “Fred”, who is haplessly enamoured with her!

The excellent production, which will be playing at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin from 13 – 18 June, is crafted straight from the West End and has earned rave reviews for its stylish set, production quality and great musical numbers. The adaptation from the classic Truman Capote novel takes an interesting turn, to both capture the beautiful essence of the story yet also differentiate itself from the seminal Audrey Hepburn performance in the 1961 classic. Starring the wonderful Pixie Lott and adapted by Tony and Olivier-award winning playwright Richard Greenberg, the show is a captivating masterpiece of storytelling.

With the sunshine on the way too, it becomes a better time than ever to take a trip to Dublin, take in a play and see the city in its most beautiful light. A night at the theatre is the perfect centre-piece to any visit and with Breakfast at Tiffany’s one can be inspired to live the high life and eschew the constraints of “normal” existence… well for a few days at least!

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