Performed by the excellent and passionate Cape Town Opera, featuring over 60 of South Africa’s best operatic performers, the show takes the viewer on a musical adventure through the major events of Mandela’s life, observing as they go, how his character and principles came to be formed. Starting out from the traditional beginnings of Mandela’s initiation into tribal royalty in Qunu, the sound and fury of the traditional song and dance proves a mere façade. Though young Nelson “becomes a man”, he realises that he is still not free, that the position he holds still does not allow him to be anything more than second class. His unquenchable thirst for universal justice is born and he flees his home-place. Mandela’s life and career are then thrust into the political limelight in Act 2 as he establishes himself as an orator of great skill and rallies the downtrodden victims of apartheid to strive for equality, despite the brutal measures taken by those opposed to him. The final act sees Mandela’s famous incarceration on Robben Island, his torment there and gradual enlightenment, followed by his eventual release to the rejoicing of a nation. Throughout the performance we get a comprehensive vision of the true Mandela, faults and all, and how he strove to overcome his own anger and issues to follow a path of peace for the betterment of millions. The three acts are writing by different directors so expect intense fusion of styles, representing the passing of time from the 30s to the 90s, and from traditional tribal Africa through jazz and contemporary opera. The show is a whirlwind of sound, colour and dramatic intensity that has captivated audiences around the world. To celebrate this amazing event and give all of our followers a chance of going to see the Mandela Trilogy at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin Your Home From Home are offering two free tickets to take in this wonderful performance. The show is only in Dublin for a limited run during its world tour so it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For anyone looking to make a trip out of their night to the theatre, Your Home From Home is the premier provider of luxury self-catering apartments in Dublin and all only a short distance from the Theatre itself. You can find out more and avail of our great online discounts right here.