Being in the business we are, we are regularly fortunate enough to meet and enjoy conversations with our valued guests. In one such conversation I recently had, I was delighted to get such positive feedback in relation to the ‘PROS’ of self-catering accommodation!
Below is a summary of the feedback we got form one of our ‘regulars’ and which on reflection we realised really does make all the difference.
Clearly a benefit of the self-catering option is the cost factor – especially over the long term which is very much the case with many corporate guests who stay in a place for prolonged periods of time. This is very much the case when booking as a small, medium or large group where such an option becomes extremely affordable.
Being able to choose a property which suits our personal needs – perhaps the ‘one size fits all’ hotel approach is not ones style and a more ‘homely’ environment provides you with that sense of being settled in and in control again, especially when based here for a number of days or weeks.
Sometimes a cheap meal in one night (without the concierge eyeballing that bag of chips under your arm) is just what the doctor ordered and on the flip side, being able to then explore the numerous unique restaurants on offer in the surrounding areas is always a great way of getting to know a place more intimately – and saves one the terror of eating the rubber burgers so often provided at ‘that hotels own restaurant’!
So, perhaps some food for thought for when next you are considering your stay! Contact us should you have any questions – we are delighted to be of service!