Hello All!

With the great weather now into its second week in Ireland (I know…2 weeks, what?!!!), we have been bombarded with questions from our valued guests asking, “so, can you recommend some great days out in Dublin?”.

Having been on the receiving end of this question at least a few times daily, we decided to run a series of blogs over the coming weeks talking about some the great days – and nights for that matter – out in Dublin. As locals, some of these may not be your typical touristy adventures but trust us…they should be!

So, to kick things off we will start with the first 5 on our (hotly debated) list:


  1. Temple Bar
    Okay, so…I hear you saying “but that is so touristy”, well, we beg to differ! Temple Bar undeniably attracts crowds from far and near however, this area has been undergoing a rejuvenation with locals residents working hard to keep the area true to its artistic and vibrant roots. The cobbled streets and buskers beats will not disappoint. This is still a great area to get a sense of the musical traditions of Ireland as well as the ecclectic mix of individuals that make up our great city. There are also brilliant galleries, poetry corners and arts centres to enjoy…and dont miss the weekend food market…delicious!


  1. Can I Have Some More Please
    tTe words of Oliver will certainly pass your lips after sampling the Irish stew at the Porterhouse. Selling only its own label of beers, the quality of their offering will keep you coming back form more and more!


  1. The Trinity
    Local or not, you cannot help but be swept away by the grounds and atmosphere of Trinity College. Even if you hated school, you will love a stroll through the archers, foyers and gardens of this most celebrated institution. Without a doubt, a highlight of any visit to Trinity College is the library…wow!


  1. A Great Pint
    For the creamiest Guinness on the island of Ireland, get thee to Kehoe’s! This traditional Irish pub – first licensed in 1803 – oozes charm and Victorian character. Its cozy snugs, stained glass mahogany doors and partitions give this quaintest of pubs a very homely and inviting feel! A word of warning however for those who ‘need their space’, this place gets packed!!


  1. Dalkey Drive
    Looking to rub shoulders with the rich and famous – why not head out of Dublin on the coastal road going through Dun Laoghaire and ending in the cute heritage village fo Dalkey! This little gem of a place offers great cafes, restuarants and…possibly a chance encounter with Bono – his little place is just up the way!! Click here for the route from Dublin City Centre.


So, until next time….maybe try get these ones under your belt before next weeks recommended great days out in Dublin!