We have bumped into a few of our guests recently asking a very simple question which – upon hearing it – we realised we (as Irish men and women) perhaps take for granted. The question I am referring to is, “What is the gathering?”.

So, to answer this question – which we have answered a few times this week, the gathering is Ireland opening its arms and hearts to the thousands of Irish daughters, sons, mothers, fathers and friends from around the world (including Ireland)  and ‘calling’ them home! It is about bringing together our families, our culture, business, sport and, of course…our great craic (fun)!

This year will see long lost family and friends reunite in our homes, villages, pubs and parks to enjoy our unique and enviable Irish spirit! So, wherever you are and wherever you are from…come join us for some unfogettable fun! And, if you need a place to stay whilst having this fun…then look no further than our own great portfolio of brilliantly located self-catering apartments.

Enjoy the summer everyone!