The level of detail, from the costumes, make-up and stage design to the execution of the spectacular feats and the powerful soundtrack and vocals combine to leave spectators breathless.

Started in Canada by street performers during the 80s, Cirque du Soleil has become a global phenomenon to rival even our own Riverdance and Varekai is widely regarded as the purest of the shows many incarnations, focusing on the elements of sublime fantasy and unimaginable feats which has made the show the international powerhouse that it is today.

The story itself is a dreamlike adventure of a young man who has dropped into Varekai (which means “wherever”) and with a perpetual wanderlust journeys through this surreal world of brilliant creatures and wild adventures. The backdrop is a deep forest in an unknown area and the location seems one of boundless surprise and possibility.

Needless to say that the whole performance will leave viewers thoroughly entertained and it’s rare that such an opportunity arrives in Ireland, especially for so many dates (6 performances in total). Of course, after such an exhilarating performance why not relax and enjoy a night in town, comfortable in the knowledge that you have a luxury apartment, just like your own home waiting for you to come back to whenever you please. With the great discounts we offer when booking directly online as well as the excellent locations of all of our apartments, you can make your Cirque du Soleil adventure into a full on break away to the capital.