Whether you are taken or single, romantic or not, Valentine’s Day will be everywhere around you just the same. While some might complain about how big these days are becoming and give out about this and that, here at Your Home From Home we’re always of the opinion: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” even if that saying probably wasn’t talking about Valentine’s Day! In any case, it wouldn’t do any harm to have an extra bit of love in the world right now!

So just in case you’re stuck for ideas of what to do on the “big” day, we’ve put together a list of great events around Dublin that will appeal to couples and singletons alike!

  1. Dirty Dancing around the city

Have the time of your life with one of the all-time classics which is being screened in a couple of different places in Dublin this Valentine’s. Fall in love again with the story of Jennifer Grey’s Baby as she is transformed from a kid into a woman following her encounter with Patrick Swayze’s Johnny Castle!

Your options are a special 3-course meal, screening and ball at 22 South Anne Street or a special screening happening at Odeon cinemas around the city.

  1. Ryan & Wine at the Lighthouse Cinema

Another movie feast (especially for the eyes!) as the Lighthouse Cinema presents a full day of Ryan Gosling screenings plus a special Ryan & Wine menu. The day will include his latest massive hit, La La Land, which has just been nominated for 14 Oscars, as well as the perennial tear-jerker, The Notebook. To enhance the day even further the menu will have red velvet cupcakes, wine and cocktails to make for a full day of indulgence!

  1. Bollywood Valentine’s

For anyone looking for something very different, Sin Nightclub will be hosting a Bollywood Valentine’s extravaganza. The night is Indian run and will mix the upbeat music of India’s musical film genre with European dance and electro. Not a traditional dinner and a movie but definitely a night to show you’re thinking outside the box!

  1. A romantic trip around the city

Where better to start off a tour of lesser-known sights around the city then a visit to the actual remains of St. Valentine himself which are right in the heart of the city! Given as a gift to the Carmelite order by a Pope in the 19th century, few people know they reside in Dublin but they make a perfect beginning to any day of adventure. Why not follow it up by a romantic cruise around Dublin bay and see the city from a whole new point of view!

  1. Valentine’s Ball for the ISPCC

This exclusive black-tie event at the Shelbourne Hotel gives you the opportunity to have a majestic romantic night in one of the finest hotels in the country, while at the same time raising money for one of the state’s most important charities. The 2nd Annual ISPCC Valentine’s Ball will feature a drinks reception, 3 course meal, an auction and spot-prizes as well as a band and DJ to make a real night of it!

  1. Shred Your Ex

Valentine’s isn’t necessarily all about love and happiness! For some, far more fun can be had exorcising the memories of a demon ex! To cater exactly for this market the Liquor Rooms in Dublin will be hosting a special Shred Your Ex event where entrance is free for those who bring along a photo of their hated ex to use as a coaster, while a horror break up story told to the bar person can bag you a free drink! There will also be a swapshop/dump for any presents received from an ex which you really don’t want around the house any more.


With all the standard options and special events on for the day you’ll have no excuse not to be taking part! Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t all just about being outside in the crowd, so where better to relax and share the company of your special someone than a luxury apartment in the city. Put your feet up and feel right at home amongst all the buzz outside and to make it even better we are offering huge discounts for all online bookings at Your Home From Home so you can make a proper trip out of Valentine’s at a fraction of the price of a hotel!