Prodijig will unveil their hotly anticipated ‘Footstorm’ show in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre this April.

Prodijig, as the name aptly suggests, is a dancing troupe of Ireland’s most brilliant and gifted Irish dancers, each described as a leading star in their own right. Under the creative guidance of Alan Kenefick – popularly regarded as Ireland’s top Irish dancer – the group took home the elusive and hugely contended ‘Got to Dance’ title earlier this year.
Members of the dazzling dance ensemble have appeared on shows such as Strictly Come dancing, and all have toured with the eminent and world-revered ‘Riverdance’ – a spectacle of faultless, polished and creatively stunning Irish dance. And although participation in such shows is an accolade in itself, winning Channel 4’s coveted top prize on the hugely popular show is guaranteed to catapult the group to stardom.
Prodijig is made up of seven dancers – five make and 2 female – and take their inspiration from traditional Irish dance, with a generous helping of modern pop. The juxtaposition of contemporary and conventional dance moves creates a visually appealing and clever paradox, never failing to grab a gasp from the audience.
Prodijig’s rhythm is sonic, and is peppered with synchronicity that could rival Diversity’s. They have been called brilliant ‘crowd-pleasers’ and ‘roof raisers’ by awe-struck judges and audience members, and are set to take Ireland and the UK by ‘Footstorm’ this year.
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