St. Patrick’s Festival Parade

The whole world comes to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day and the centre-piece is the huge parade through the city on the day itself. Street performers from all over Ireland will be joined by bands from every corner of the globe and of course lots of dragons, snakes, and floats which defy description! The energy and buzz around the city will be awesome as hundreds of thousands of people take part in the festivities. It’s a fantastic day out for all the family so throw on something green and join in the fun!

Festival Treasure Hunt

The day after the big show there will be another party in City Hall for all the intrepid adventurers taking part in the city-wide scavenger hunt. Plan your routes, answer the questions at the stops and explore the city in a way you never have before. It’s a perfect game for children (big and small!) and takes place in the morning before everything gets busy again. To add a little bit of extra edge there will even be prizes for the quickest three teams!

Footsteps of St. Patrick Walking Tour

See all the hidden nooks and crannies of the city and find out the real story about St. Patrick with a revealing tour around the city. With a renowned historian in tow you will pick up on lots of interesting facts and trivia that even few residents of the city itself would know.

Greening the City

For the special weekend, even the buildings of the city will be taking part! An evening walk around will reveal the city literally cast in a new light with some of its most famous buildings, such as Christchurch Cathedral and Trinity College will be decked out in resplendent green! The magical effect will build up the atmosphere and get everyone in the mood just in case they had been able to forget what the weekend was actually all about.

Festival Céilí

The world’s largest outdoor céilí will be taking place the evening before the big day, right in the centre of the city. Everybody is welcome to join in with some of the best musicians, dancers and callers in the country to celebrate St. Patrick in the most traditional way we know how! The dancing is suitable for all ages, skill levels and numbers of wrong feet so all you have to do is turn up and let the jigs and reels whisk you away.

It promises to be a huge celebration and a major weekend to remember for everyone (hopefully the rugby goes well too!). So it’s the perfect opportunity to take a full trip to the capital and take in everything it has to offer. At Your Home From Home our luxury apartments right in the city are always a great option for somewhere you can truly feel at home and relax in a comfortable environment. What’s more we also offer great discounts when booking online on our website.. Take in the biggest festival of the year at your leisure!