The musical of The Wedding Singer is based around the same plot as the hit 90s movie of the same name. It follows the story of Robbie Hart, who unsurprisingly is a wedding singer. He’s happy going about his day job, spreading the love at people’s special occasions as he prepares himself for his own big day of nuptials.

He gets jilted however and informed by note on the big day that he is now single. The shock sends him into a spiral of melancholy and unfortunate mishaps, punctuated by some awesome original songs speaking straight from a broken heart.

The one ray of sunshine throughout all this though is his blossoming friendship with Julia, who also happens to be planning her big day and had wanted Robbie to sing at it. While going about shopping and even being practice partners for the “first kiss” the pair start to revel in each other’s company, seemingly unaware that it is more than just friendship that is about to bloom.

Upon finding out that Julia’s betrothed is actual a cheating sleaze-ball Robbie discovers that he has fallen for her himself. He tries to “make it big” thinking that she wants a rich man in her life but classically fails to see the true heart of the matter. After a falling out, Robbie heads for lots of alcohol and ends up back in bed with his slightly unhinged ex. Julia on the other hand has a think about things and realizes she has also fallen for Robbie and goes to tell him in the morning, only to find the aforementioned ex! Maybe the rich guy wasn’t so bad after all?

What follows is a mad chase to stop Julia marrying the wrong person and to bring the universe of love into harmony, with the great songs bringing the whole event to a happy crescendo. The show is guaranteed to have everyone up dancing and rocking as they follow the story!

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